Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are great for many occasions, whether it is a wedding, a family get together, or providing your workers with restroom space during a construction project. Porta potties come in many different shapes and sizes and we certainly have one that can fit in any location where you need it. We also offer portable toilets that are able to be rolled around a construction site, so that you can take it with you up an elevator or to other locations where it may not be possible to easily reach a restroom. Call us today at 888-240-1169 to inquire about our portable toilets and see how our porta potties can fit your needs.

Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are top of the line when it comes to the portable toilet industry. They offer more space than normal porta potties, and can be considered much more luxurious. Restroom trailers offer full sized restrooms for the individual and the space allows for the area to smell much better due to more air flow and the design of the trailer. We recommend restroom trailers for events such as weddings and festivals because your guests will likely be wearing nice attire and wish to keep smelling fresh and looking clean. Traditional portable toilets are much more suited for the construction industry where construction workers do not need to worry about their cosmetic appeal. We highly recommend not making the bride at your wedding rush inside of a normal portable toilet when she gets nervous. Call 888-240-1169 today to find out more about our restroom trailer inventory.

Handicapped Portable Toilets

At your event there is likely to be individuals that have trouble with their mobility. We offer specially made handicap portable toilets in order to meet the demand of these individuals. When planning your event, remember those who are attending that may be forced to use a wheelchair or other device to help them stay mobile.

Hand Washing Stations

Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease and Control over 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch? Good hand washing is the first step to proper hygiene and is the first line of defense against these infectious diseases. After using the restroom or a portable toilet, working at a dirty job, and before eating, you should be washing your hands. Call us now to ask about our hand washing stations.